These Cat Ear Headphones are Purrfect

So, we’ve seen cat era headphones around these parts before, but these new ones on sale at Urban Outfitters are maybe not as (literally) outgoing as the last ones we looked at. Hey, sometimes you want to show off your affection for the feline kind without going all out!

You might want to treat these with the delicacy you would a kitten, though. The wire metal cat ear frame looks about as strong as your everyday wire hanger, so you’ll want to hang these up somewhere to make sure the cat ear headphones stay cat ear headphones. Otherwise, they look pretty fantastic, with clean white pads matched with either silver or rose gold on the headband and earcup metal.


These Cat Headphones are available from Urban Outfitters for $40, but they don’t come with any special fixings like an in-line mic or the light and sound show packed into those other cat ear headphones. That’s OK — we think the sleek minimalism is appropriate considering the life of the average house cat.

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