Chipolo Makes Lost and Found Trackers Romantic

The Bluetooth lost and found track got a makeover at CES 2016, with companies like Wistiki and Chipolo making chic trackers that double as lifesavers for the forgetful among us. The little devices that buzz and ring out when you (and your smartphone) get out of range of one of your essentials (keys, wallet, etc) are becoming great fashion accessories in their own right, but Chipolo hasn’t stopped with their wide selection of bright colors. It looks like they’re going to produce special holiday designs, too, starting with Valentine’s Day.

If you have a forgetful sweetheart, you can give them Chipolo’s special Valentine’s Day tracker, a bright red disk with “You stole my ❤️ but I’ll let you keep it” printed on it. There’s only a limited number being sold, though, and they’ll need to be ordered before February 8 to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, so make sure you’re not as forgetful as your loved one is.


Chipolo was one of the better lost and found trackers we saw at CES 2016. The small disk looks great on keychains and purses, and it can ensure that neither those things nor your phone will get lost. After pairing it with a smartphone, the disk will ring out once it’s gone out of Bluetooth range (200 feet), reminding you to grab your keys, wallet, purse, or anything else that was in danger of being left behind. If your phone has gone missing, giving Chipolo a shake will make your phone ring out, instead. Shake the disk while the camera app is open, and Chipolo will become a remote selfie shutter.

For any tracker, battery life is going to be one of the major concerns. Chipolo has wisely made the battery replaceable. Each battery should last about six months, and Chipolo includes an extra battery with purchase to get you to a full year.

Each Chipolo tracker costs $30, including the limited edition Valentine’s Day design. You can also buy packs of multiple trackers, with the per unit price decreasing the more you buy.