Fitbit Blaze is Fitbit’s First Serious Touchscreen Smartwatch

Fitbit has a brand new smartwatch at CES 2016, and it’s starting to look a lot like a certain competitor. But, don’t confuse the Fitbit Blaze for the Apple Watch — this is still a fitness tracker first, with an integrated personal Fitbit trainer. Guided instructions and gif-like animated images spice up your workout right from the watch face itself, no bulky phone required. Gorgeous interchangeable bands made of leather, stainless steel and high-performance elastomer make this the most fashionable Fitbit yet.

The Fitbit Blaze features Fitbit’s first hi-res color touchscreen. While it doesn’t have its own GPS chip, it connects to your smartphone’s GPS so it can deliver real-time exercise feedback, like your average pace and how far you have gone.  You can also plan and review routes so speed and elevation can be seen in detail. Pulse tracking has been improved by the Pure Pulse feature, which lets you see heart rate zones according to health, giving you new goals to reach.

The Fitbit Blaze kindly accommodates other sporting activities like biking, weightlifting, yoga, and others, and even recognizes the activity without prompting due to SmartTrack. This is the best Fitbit yet. And with the interchangeable bands (like the Fitbit Flex, the device itself pops out of the case), you can get two bands — one sporty one for working out and one more professional or fashionable for everyday use. The Fitbit Blaze is available today for $200 at Fitbit.

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