Oliba Transforms Ordinary Teddy Bears Into Smart Bears

Oliba is a baby-proof toy tracker that you can tie to your kid’s favorite stuffed animal. It pairs with an app so you always know where that beloved toy is. Oliba can read stories or play lullabies selected from the app or ones you have recorded yourself for your baby.


If you have ever seen a child lose their favorite stuffed animal friend, it is not pretty and worth being avoided at almost any cost. That’s why the Oliba’s simple and universal design of tying it to the toy is so great — it’s usable on anything. If the item ever gets more than 100 feet away from you, your app will alert you and let you know where it was last seen.

The Oliba app offers stories that can be read to kids between zero and five years of age. Or, you can record your own bedtime story for your child to listen to anytime. Your child can activate the story with a long press on the face of the Oliba. This is such a sugary sweet feature for your child to be able to hear a soothing voice whenever they want.


Oliba can also be your ally in the dreaded and often drawn out process of putting your child to bed. On the app, you can turn on a nightlight on the device and combine it with a lullaby of your choosing (or one you’ve recorded yourself). It learns and stores your nightly routine and can be activated with a simple tap. The Oliba is charged via Micro USB and uses Bluetooth to connect to your app. There are some specially priced units available now at Oliba starting at $39.

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