Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator Lets You See What’s Inside From an App

Samsung smart appliance

Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator brings to an end the days of grocery shopping when you can’t remember if you have milk or not. This smart fridge will send you a snapshot of what’s in your fridge. While at home, you can look at the 21.5-inch 1080p touchscreen for the Family Hub Center, where you can keep a family calendar, post and share updates, and leave notes, all accessible by smartphone.

samsung app

It seems like a small part of our brain is permanently a fridge-cataloging system, but that is a hard thing to juggle. Food expires and waste happens. This smart fridge helps you manage that and free up some brain space. Three high-quality cameras are inside the fridge and they take a new picture every time the fridge door closes. These are accessible on the Samsung Smart Home App. From there, you can also do online grocery shopping while putting together a shopping list from recipes. It works to preserve food with a Triple and Metal cooling system, all the while keeping energy consumption low.

Samsung knows that the real life of the party is usually centered around food so it has enabled the Family Hub Refrigerator to handle music and video streaming. This means you can have the game on in the kitchen while you cook and not miss a beat. Now if only it could make my fridge’s contents look as tidy as their’s are in the pictures. The Family Hub Refrigerator by Samsung will be available for purchase spring 2016.


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