CHiP is a Robotic AI Dog That Plays Fetch and Soccer With You 

CHiP is an AI robotic dog from WowWee that can play fetch, respond to commands and can even play soccer — all without the mess that comes with real dogs. Here at CES this year, we got to see what this dog is like in action. CHiP uses an array of advanced sensors and wireless tech to interact with you in a natural way.

Being overtly robotic, it doesn’t even try to look like a furry dog. This means that it has more of a toy feel to it than say, Paro. It is more like controlling a remote-controlled car, but a really advanced, sensitive remote control car. It recognizes you as its master and responds to commands that come from a wearable smart band. At the end of the day, it goes happily to its bed and plugs in for a recharge. This may be a great gift to get little ones used to a puppy before the real house wrecking thing comes along.

CHiP will be available for $199 directly from WowWee sometime in Q3 2016.


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