McDonald’s Happy Meals Are Going To Come With A Free Book

Well, there’s only so many ways McDonald’s can make Happy Meals palatable to the health-conscious when everyone’s going for the burgers and nuggets. Fortunately, it looks like they’re at least trying to get healthier for the brain — from now until February 15, kids will get books in their Happy Meals. I don’t know that that will necessarily make them happy, but I’m sure the fries will be some consolation.

Reading is Fundamental is a non-profit that gives books to underserved kids across the nation, but with McDonald’s, it looks like they’re expanding that mission to everyone. They’ll be providing small paperback books to go in Happy Meals all over the United States over the next two weeks, and they’re all in season. McDonald’s is going to be teaching kids the happiness of love — most of the books have a Valentine’s Day theme.

The books to be included are Clark the Shark Takes Heart, Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!, and Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool, but the real prize is the classic for all seasons, A Bear Called Paddington. If Paddington Bear can’t put a smile on a child’s face in 2016, then I’m afraid we’ve gone down a dark path.

Via BookBub Blog

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