Powered Geek Box January 2016 – Review and Coupon Code

New year, new box! A true mystery box with no themes and no information, the Powered Geek Box will surprise you every month with a guaranteed t-shirt and lots of other random loot.

Here is what we got this month:

    • Stewie #selfie T-shirt – Sexy Stewie!
    • 6″ Joker Body Knocker – Watch him sway side to side. He is solar powered, so you never have to worry about batteries.
    • TMNT’s Michelangelo Plush Ball – Michelangelo’s head, small enough to fit in your hand.
    • Batman Bottle Opener – The heavy duty kind of bottle opener. Nice quality.
    • Daredevil Pocket Pop – This is based on the recent Netflix version of Daredevil. Super cute addition to your keys or bag.
    • Retro Mustache Kit – Not sure why this was added to the box. Get your Kung Fu Master or even your P.I. ‘tache on for some role play.

As the first box of the year, I felt it fell a little flat compared to the other months, although I was entertained by the retro mustache as it is such a weird item to include in this box. I’m sure they will have something even better next month.

The Powered Geek Box comes in two sizes. The deluxe box costs $16.95 per month and includes four to six items and the premium box costs $25.45 per month and includes six to nine items. We received the premium box here. Whichever one you choose, each month you can expect to receive a box full of unexpected geeky goodies and a guaranteed monthly t-shirt.

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