Cute Heart Keychain Has a Big Surprise for Would-Be Attackers

Looks, as always, can be deceiving. On Blingsting.com, you can find a fun little keychain called the Ahh!-larm. Well, that’s the deceiving part, anyway. This heart is all business — it doubles as a deafening alarm that can startle or scare off predators or muggers late at night.

The Ahh!-larm is more or less your standard issue panic alarm on the inside, emitting a piercing 120 dB wail when the small button on the surface is given a firm press. The trickery is what really sets it apart. Not only will attackers not think anything of it, you won’t have to carry around some ugly accessory or have to fumble with your phone to use a panic button app. Instead, the Ahh!-larm comes in a glittery heart with a gold keychain that can be clipped to bags and purses as an accessory. It’s also got a pretty strong LED light to either shine into eyes or, in safer circumstances, to use as a flashlight.

The Ahh!-larm comes in pink, gold, confetti, and black, and can be purchased from Blingsting.com for $22 each.