You Can Get a Free 48-inch TV from AT&T Right Now (Read On for the Catch)

When someone says free TV, we’re going to take notice. When we find out that the TV in question is not just some dinky, 19″ throwaway from six years ago, you have our full attention. AT&T has a new promotion involving a free 48″ Samsung Smart TV, but you have to buy something else first to get it. You’re not going to believe what it is.

Yes, it’s a Samsung Galaxy S7 promotion. Unfortunately, there are more hoops than usual to jump through, but I guess we are talking about a free 48″ TV here. On the phone side, it’s the usual — buy a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, then activate it with an AT&T Next installment payment plan. But, you’ll also have to either activate a new line with AT&T and/or subscribe to DirecTV television service to qualify, as well. Considering what you’re getting for free and that AT&T wants their shiny new acquisition to pay off, we think we know which one they’d like you to get. If you’re upgrading an existing line and already have DirecTV service, you’re out of luck.


Once those boxes are ticked, you’ll have to fill out a claim form online, and then the TV will be shipped to your place. We’re not sure what the model number of the television is, but you should be able to check Samsung’s promotions site tomorrow to find out. The offer starts tomorrow, and yes, AT&T knows what tomorrow is and they’d like to assure you that they’re serious. The promotion will last until April 30.

UPDATE 03/31/2016: The TV in question is a Samsung J550D series 48″ Smart 1080p LED TV.