Despite Talk of Boycotting Apple, Donald Trump Gets Caught Using His iPhone

It’s OK, plenty of people of have vowed and failed to boycott Apple in the past. No shame in it! After reality television man and innovative debater Donald Trump swore off Apple products following the company’s battle with the FBI over access to the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters, Trump has apparently given in. The Verge is reporting that several tweets from the Real Donald Trump’s account have been posted using the iOS Twitter app.


Trump announced his impromptu boycott at a rally in South Carolina last month, so in fairness, if he’s held out this long he’s probably in a pretty high percentile when it comes to length of personal Apple boycotts. But, a white flag’s a white flag, and as far as I know, Apple’s no more inclined to build backdoors into their phones than they were last month. You can check out the offending tweets from Trump’s account, which all indicate they were posted using Twitter for iPhone. The relevant information isn’t immediately visible using Twitter, but using a service like TweetDeck that trawls for more Twitter metadata reveals that Trump has indeed been posting from an iPhone today. Sad.

iPhone case photo via Zazzle