OKU Personal Skin Coach Review

Fitness and health trackers are a dime a dozen nowadays, but what about a device that can help you understand your skin and track the progress of your skin care? OKU is just such a device and it’s certainly the first of its kind.

My biggest issue with skin care is that I’ve always felt overwhelmed by the amount of skin care products out there. Whether it be a trip to Sephora or CVS, there are a dizzying array of skin care products on the market and none of them really offer a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s where OKU comes in. The device is able to analyze your current skin condition and then help guide you on how to improve your skin via suggestions and product care recommendations. The app will even match your results with other users who have a similar skin profile to you, a skintwin, so that OKU can crowdsource data and recommend products that are proven to actually work with your particular skin type.


The OKU is small, simple cube that should fit in with most modern bathrooms. It’s also small enough to travel with you, but it does require both an active Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection to work, which isn’t always practical on the road.

The first time you hold up the OKU scanner to scan your skin, it feels a bit silly. But, once you take a look at the details the scanner can pick up from your skin, you quickly realize that the OKU means serious business. This is no toy, but a serious tool that is able to see into your pores — and it isn’t always pretty. The scanner gives you a look beneath the surface of your skin and analyzes it in detail. The app will also quiz you further so that it can better profile you and how your health and sleep activity are affecting your skin. The app then gives you a skin care grade, which identifies areas where you need improvement and what you can do to improve your skin. These recommendations include drinking more water, exercising more, and suggestions of specific skin care products.

Does it work?

Don’t expect OKU to make your skin look instantly beautiful. If you want results, you need to stay committed to scanning your skin with OKU every day and listening to its suggestions and product recommendations. OKU says that it takes 30 days to see substantial results, and if you stay committed to the system, you will likely see an improvement in the look and feel of your skin. After a few weeks we indeed did notice a big improvement with our skin. Our skin had less acne, was softer and even more glowing. We’re confident that if we keep using OKU and listening to its suggestions, we’ll continue to see results.

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