Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a PC for Galaxy Phone Users – Review

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a svelte, super thin 12″ Windows 10 tablet that also wants to be your PC on the go. The star feature of the TabPro S is its 12″ Super AMOLED display. It’s the same kind of display technology that Samsung uses on their Galaxy phones, and this is the first time a Super AMOLED display has been used in a hybrid PC. This 2160 x 1440 display is vivid with accurate colors. It’s top notch, which is what we’ve come to expect from Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays.

The Samsung TabPro S is made out of a pretty tough magnesium-alloy body with a stainless-steel edge. It weighs 1.53 lbs and measures just .25 inches thick, making it thinner than the Surface Pro 4. Overall, it’s an attractive device that mirrors the aesthetics of the Galaxy phone and tablet series. It’s on the tablet side of the 2-in-1 spectrum, using a keyboard cover to convert the tablet into a laptop. The TabPro S easily locks into keyboard base, offering two possible angles for the display to rest in. These two angles get the job done, but we would have liked more angle options.

The trackpad on the keyboard base/cover is cramped, but the keyboard itself is responsive. Unfortunately, the keys are a bit shallow and don’t feel as satisfying as those on a typical laptop keyboard. The TabPro S also supports a pressure sensitive active stylus, but unfortunately we did not get to test out the pen for ourselves.

If you’re a Galaxy Note or S6/S7 user, then you’re going to love the upcoming Flow app. The Samsung Flow app can synchronize tasks across Galaxy mobile devices. That means that your Android-powered Galaxy phone is going to get along with your PC, but only this PC. In addition, Flow includes three other key features. Authentication allows you to use the fingerprint sensor on your Galaxy phone to unlock the screen on the TabPro S, while Notification Auto Sync allows you to see your smartphone notifications on the Tab Pro S, with support for email, text messages, and some third party apps like WhatsApp. Auto Hotspot can sense if the TabPro S isn’t connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot and will automatically connect to a Samsung Galaxy phone’s hotspot. Unfortunately Samsung’s Flow app for Windows 10 was not yet available while we were testing the Galaxy TabPro S.

The Samsung TabPro S is running on a 6th generation Core m3 processor, which promises 30% more performance than the previous generation’s processor. In general, the tablet can handle multitasking involving Office apps, video playback, and general multitasking like web browsing. The TabPro S scored 2380 on the PCMark 8 Home accelerated test and a score of 4,675 in GeekBench 3. Compared to other devices, that means performance is solid, but it’s simply not a high performing PC, and not nearly as fast as the likes of the Surface Pro 4, which is running on a Core i processor.

Fortunately, battery life on the Samsung TabPro S is pretty good. Samsung says that a full charge will allow the tablet to last for 10.5 hours. In practice, we saw about seven hours on a full charge with regular usage. But, users will appreciate that the TabPro S charges up really fast, thanks to a quick charger included in the box. When using the quick charger, a 30-minute charge will provide the device with 2.5 hours of battery life and a 60-minute charge will keep it going for five hours.

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