Catalyst Apple Watch Case (42 mm) Review – Waterproofing Your Apple Watch

You love your Apple Watch, but can you wear it in the rain? In the shower? Swimming? Maybe, but why take the risk? The Catalyst Apple Watch case will provide much better protection against water damage, making sure your Apple Watch is ready for even the worst downpours.


The Catalyst Apple Watch case is made of silicone, and the smooth and sleek look and feel complements the Apple Watch. The touch screen is still exposed for ease of use, but due to a very well designed inner silicone layer and the tight fit of the case, no water will make its way inside. The case itself has three layers, all held in place by two plastic connectors and one tiny screw (there is a screwdriver included in the box). The result is a seal which is rated for a depth of up to 165′, although the company does not recommend using it at that depth. The warning given on their website is:

“Our water rating is suitable for rain, splashing, accidental submersion, showering, bathing, surface swimming and shallow snorkeling. Avoid exposure to pressurized water or high velocity water, for example, water skiing, wake boarding, surfing, jet skiing, or wearing the case in a hot tub.”

Despite those limitations, knowing that it could go deeper should certainly give you peace of mind.


The power button and digital crown are easily accessible through plastic extensions that seem to work very well. If you’re wondering about the heart rate sensor, not to worry, it is fully functional through the thin layer of silicone on the bottom of the case. The charging dock, microphone and speaker are also left accessible.

Aside from being waterproof, the Catalyst Apple Watch case also provides good drop protection from at least a few feet up, although you should remember that the touchscreen is not covered and thus is still susceptible to damage.

Read on for the verdict…

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