A Female Link Might Be an Option in the Next Legend of Zelda Game

Nintendo’s always been a tight-lipped company, but even for them, the silence around the next Legend of Zelda game has been on par with Link’s — the company has offered next to no details about the upcoming game since first showing it off at E3 2014. After delays, the thinking goes that we’ll see more at this year’s E3, along with an announcement that the game will come to both the Wii U and Nintendo’s next console, codenamed the NX, which itself has been the subject of much speculation. But, more rumors about the game are starting to leak out now, and the biggest one is that players could have the option to play as a female Link.

The source for these rumors is Emily Rogers, a longtime Nintendo blogger, who tweeted out a few rumors regarding the upcoming game. She recently tweeted out three rumors, one of which — that the game will also be released on the NX — has already been heavily rumored to the point where it would be very surprising if it wasn’t true. The other two are eye-openers, though — that there will be an option to play as a female Link and that Nintendo is including voice acting for every character besides Link. These are all just rumors for now, and while Rogers seems well-connected, there’s no way of knowing for sure until Nintendo says so.

But, if the rumors are true, the changes probably won’t be that big of a deal. They’ll be made a big deal by people on both sides, but the changes don’t seem like they would affect the series that much. Link has never really been Link — from the beginning and continuing to the present, Link has never had much of a personality aside from a few funny looks, screams, and grunts. Many have probably never even played a Legend of Zelda game as Link — you’ve always been able to rename the character to whatever you want at the beginning of each game. Link is meant to be the player themselves, even if there are some external circumstances that define the character — growing up an outcast in Kokiri Forest in Ocarina of Time, for example.

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