Scroll Messages Across the Back of This iPhone Case Using LEDs

We know, you’ve been waiting for the day when you could display ‘cool’ on the back of your iPhone 6/6s using a cheap plastic case. It’s here — thumbsUp! is now making the LED Matrix Phone Case, a Bluetooth case that lets you scroll messages across the back using LED lights.

The case uses Bluetooth to connect with a smartphone app you can download to program the case. The case uses the Twitter-established 140-character limit, so you can choose to program in either a short, static word or a message that scrolls across the back. You also have the option to use the LEDs to display graphics or a 24-hour clock. We’re hoping that means emoji are in play. And, if there’s not an app that syncs up your Twitter account to this case soon, we’ll be disappointed. We demand a future where even non-Twitter users can’t escape from our 140 characters of wisdom.

The case is charged separately using its own Lightning port. If you want to preserve the battery on the case, you can turn it off or on using the round power button on the back of the case.


If you want one of these, you’ll have to hunt around to find where thumbsUp products are sold near you. But, if you wait long enough, we’re sure they’ll start popping up on Amazon pretty soon.

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