Krimston Two is the Best Dual-SIM Product for an iPhone We’ve Seen Yet

As great as the iPhone is, there have always been little design quirks that have annoyed us — the lack of wireless charging, the lack of premium display components (changing soon!), and, most of all, the lack of a dual-SIM option. We’ve seen dual-SIM solutions for the iPhone before, but they’ve been inelegant, to say the least. That looks like it’ll change with the Krimston Two, a sleek iPhone 6/6s case that can add a second SIM card to your iPhone.

The Krimston Two looks like an external battery pack case, and it is — there’s a battery in there, although we don’t know how large. More intriguing is that the case has its own SIM card slot, basically turning it into a second phone. The case’s SIM card can be accessed using a companion app once the case has been connected to the iPhone, effectively turning the iPhone into a dual-SIM phone. It can even function as a hotspot, so you can tether the data service (3G) on your Krimston Two case to the SIM that’s actually in your iPhone.


There will be some limits. Using the SIM in the case will necessitate using the app. The Krimston app has its own dialer and messaging feature, along with options to turn the hotspot function and the battery pack on or off. There’s no built-in browser or anything like that, so this isn’t quite a perfect dual-SIM setup — you won’t just be able to use a data connection from that second SIM seamlessly. Instead, you will need to use the case’s hotspot function, then connect to the second SIM’s data network as a Wi-Fi connection.

While the dual-SIM options we’ve seen before have been a bit flimsy, there was the advantage of being able to manage both on the iPhone itself. Still, Krimston Two is something that looks a little more durable than those ribbons. If you’re interested, you still have some time to back Krimston’s Kickstarter, which has already reached its $100,000 funding goal. You can currently still get one at the $160 tier, which is a discount from the expected regular price of $200.

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