A New Superman Series Called Krypton Might Be Coming to SyFy Soon

We’ve heard all about the exploits of Superman and Supergirl here on Earth, but it sounds like there’s some people more interested in what went down on their home planet. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that a new series called Krypton could soon get the green light from Syfy, and while we don’t know much about it yet, we can safely say it’ll be a change of pace from the usual Superman fare.

As you might expect, the series won’t involve either of those more famous Kryptonians, who were sent packing around the time Krypton was destroyed. Instead, reports are that the series will follow Superman’s grandfather, long before Kal-El was sent on his voyage to Earth. David S. Goyer is the executive producer who has been championing the show up until now, and he’ll be joined in that role by Damian Kindler of the Sleepy Hollow series on Fox. Colm McCarthy has been tabbed to direct the pilot, which was written by Goyer and Ian Goldberg.

It’ll be interesting to see how this show goes. SyFy doesn’t usually do big budget shows, but Krypton doesn’t necessarily need a big budget. They’ll want to spend a good amount getting Krypton to look right, but they won’t have to break the bank on superhero effects — Superman’s powers are generated by Earth’s sun (Superman runs on 100% renewable!), which is unlike the red sun Krypton orbits. The Kryptonians don’t have any special powers on their home planet, so we expect this show to be more focused on the comic book lore surrounding Krypton and the ill fortune of the House of El. That’s a long way of saying that if there are going to be any fights, they’ll probably be of the good old bare-knuckled variety.