The Village is the Biggest Minecraft LEGO Set Yet

Minecraft Lego sets have always been an oddity — with Minecraft long billed as the video game equivalent of Lego, putting them together seemed a little unnecessary. But, then we get Steve, Alex, and Creeper figures, and it all made sense. Since then, we’ve seen several Minecraft characters and locations in brick form, including The Mine, which we got to play with last year. Today, Lego is announcing The Village — it’s the largest Minecraft Lego set yet, and it’s got just about all the Minecraft minifigs you could possibly want.


The Village is a 1,600-piece set that manages to fit in everything that should be there —  watchtower, library, blacksmith, butcher, and a well, plus a marketplace for good measure. You can also change up the base setting, using different colored base plates for rainforest, snow, and desert environments. Each part of the set sits on its own baseplate, so you can rearrange the village as you see fit — this is Minecraft, after all! Don’t sleep in those base plates, either — the whole set has been designed so you can actually connect other rainforest, desert, and snow-based Minecraft Lego sets to this one, using the village as a hub.


Like with most large Lego sets these days, the interior details haven’t been ignored. The library and butcher can be opened up to show off the details in those buildings, while the top of the marketplace and the blacksmith can be lifted off to get minifigs in and out.


Speaking of minifigs, there are four in this set — Alex, Steve, a zombie, and a zombie villager (tough times in the Village). That definitely doesn’t cover all the characters in this set, though — there are a handful of figures that aren’t exactly minifigs, including a Creeper, an enderman, a pig, a baby pig (aww), and two villagers — a farmer and a librarian, both of which are new figures making their debuts in this set. You can also build an iron golem to help regulate the zombies and other undesirables.


Of course, if you really want to get into the spirit of Minecraft and Lego, you can shake things up a little. Parts of the set can be rebuilt into other buildings, including a protective wall and a jail cell. Or, you can just build whatever with the bricks you get and what you already have — the village is nicely done, but the prizes are really the minifigures and other characters. Whatever your preference, The Village set will be available on June 1 directly from the Lego online shop for $200.




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