7 of the Best Galaxy S7 Edge Cases

There’s a small but not insignificant benefit to buying a Samsung Galaxy S phone that no one ever talks about — you’ll always have access to the best-looking designer cases on the market. While a few cases get made for other phones, Samsung and Apple are sure bets to get attention from all of the best-known case makers, giving you a lot more choices when it comes to protecting your phone and giving it a little seasonal flair in the process. That said, the Galaxy S7 Edge (which is currently available to purchase for $795 at AT&T or as low as $26.50 per month on an installment plan) is a new challenge for case makers — instead of making a simple rectangle, they have to figure out ways to keep case protective and stylish while not blocking those sloped Edge screens. Here are seven cases that have nailed it.

Caseology Envoy Series

If you want a more professional snd luxurious look, Caseology’s Envoy series looks like it’s on point. The case features real leather on the back surrounded by a metallic bumper. The core of the case has the same kind of dual-layer construction we see in most leading cases — a soft inner layer of TPU and a hard, polycarbonate outer layer. The Envoy Series is also reasonably priced at $40, which seems like a pretty good deal for the materials and design.


Speck CandyShell Clear

As always, Speck can be relied upon for top-tier protection thanks to their famous and oft-repeated dual-layer construction. While there are still raised bezels around the frame to protect the display, the sides are more recessed than usual to accommodate the dual Edge displays on the phone. As usual for Speck cases, it’s passed drop tests and has an inner shock-absorbent acrylic layer to keep the hardware inside safe. It feels a little thicker than other cases we’re used to, but it’s protective. It’s also completely transparent — not a bad bonus when part of the allure of the S7 Edge is its premium design. The Speck CandyShell Clear case for the Galaxy S7 Edge is currently out of stock, but it’s usually available for $40.

Incipio Isla Case


If you want a little more style from your case while still letting the Galaxy S7 Edge show through, check out this semi-transparent case from Incipio. The back is clear, but has been accented with chevrons for a fun, understated look — well, maybe the multi glitter option isn’t understated. As usual for Incipio, the case is still protective and sturdy, and we like that they’ve been able to do that while keeping the case fairly thin. Plus, shorter sides mean that the Edge displays are still accessible. The Incipio Isla Case for the Galaxy S7 Edge is available now for $35.

Samsung LED View Cover


Who better to make a Galaxy case than Samsung themselves? They’ve turned a folio case into a functioning part of the phone with the LED View Cover. This folio case can display time, battery level, music, and notifications. It can also light up for incoming calls, along with a custom icon that can be displayed for individual contacts. It’s even touch sensitive — alarms can be turned off and calls can be answered by tapping or swiping on the cover itself. There’s also an interior card slot for IDs or credit/debit cards. The Samsung LED View Cover is a bit more pricey at $70, but there’s a lot more going on here than in the average case.

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