AT&T Just Introduced a Pretty Great Unlimited Data Plan for Families

Looking for a good way to get the whole family on unlimited data, using only the finest smartphones? AT&T wants to help with that. Late last week, the telecom expanded their buy one get one free smartphone promotion while introducing new pricing for an unlimited data family plan of four lines.

Most importantly, the buy one get one free deal now covers the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus along with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, making the top iOS and Android phones available. To take advantage of the deal, you’ll need to buy both phones using AT&T’s Next installment payment program, which requires no money besides tax up front. The free phone will be so by virtue of bill credits spread out over 30 months. The only downside is that the second free phone needs to be from the same brand as the first phone you buy. The second line will also need to be a new one to AT&T, and there is some incentive to switch carriers. New lines coming from other carriers can get up to $650 in bill credits.

If you decide to double dip on that buy one get one free deal, you can look into the new unlimited data family plan, which offers four lines and unlimited data for $180. This plan does indeed include unlimited 4G data, although as it is with all unlimited plans, there are still limits. Excessive data users will get throttled eventually, but according to AT&T, this won’t kick in until about 22 GB of data has been consumed in high-traffic areas. The average user should be in the clear.

AT&T’s promotions will last until June 30, so if you’re looking for gifts for both a dad and a grad, this deal might be worth a look.