Leaks Indicate the iPhone 7 Will Have a Dual-Camera System

Over the past several days, 9 to 5 Mac has spotted a couple sets of leaked photos indicating that, as previously rumored, the upcoming iPhone 7 will have a dual-camera system on the rear.

A set of component pictures and supposed images of iPhone 7 schematics show that a dual-camera system is being prepared for this fall’s new iPhone release. The component leaks, which originated on Weibo, are said to show the dual-camera module of the new phone itself, along with a chip that indicates that a 256 GB model will be available, possibly replacing the 128 GB tier altogether (unfortunately, it would seem the too-small 16 GB model will remain). The schematic images come from Baidu and show the space where the dual-camera module would go in the case.

That the new iPhone will have a dual-camera system isn’t very interesting in itself — Huawei and LG had dual-camera systems (albeit very different ones) on their flagship phones this year. The potential gains in depth of field and focus make this kind of camera an attractive feature, especially when there’s little else out there to differentiate flagship smartphones these days. What is interesting, and a bit surprising, is that these leaks suggest that the dual-camera system, as rumored, really will be exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus. It seems to be uncharacteristic of Apple to make the iPhone 7 a lesser product by leaving off a premium feature. Even the iPhone SE was mostly a flagship iPhone in a smaller casing — separating their devices into tiers seems like it would dilute the brand in a way Apple has always tried to avoid. The one time they tried to do it with the iPhone 5c, it didn’t go very well.

It’s still early in the rumor cycle, and we’ve got a good four months, give or take a week, until the big announcement — plenty of time for these leaks to be debunked.

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