my.Flow Smart Tampon Tells You When It’s Time to Change

You thought you had seen everything turn into a smart device, but then they came up with this. Sometimes you can’t tell when your tampon is literally on its last string (get it?) Most women start to figure this out by about the third time they get their period but if you’re still having trouble then this is the tampon for you.

my.Flow, a new startup currently looking for funding, has created a tampon with Bluetooth connectivity. Yup. This tampon of the future lets a user know when it is completely saturated and needs to be changed. Judy Jetson didn’t even have this.

According to the company. my.Flow is a simple, discrete Bluetooth-enabled wearable clip that connects to the string of a my.Flow tampon, and sends minute-by-minute updates to an app. “This will not only provide users with a peace of mind previously impossible, but will give them deeper insight into their bodies as their data aggregates over time. It assists in predicting period heaviness and the start/stop times of each cycle.” You can customize both the timing and text of your alerts, and the my.Flow app learns your flow over time, getting smarter by the month at predicting onset and ending, both on monthly and granular levels.

This may be a bit TMI for most people, but it could prevent a lot of period horror stories, especially for the adolescent set. And this goes well with the young set and their obsession of technology. Everything else is tracked on an app, so why not this?

Based on my.Flow’s market research of hundreds of women, over half said they would buy a product that would help them prevent leakage if ready tomorrow, and 82% said that they would buy a product that would help prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome and other menstrual-related health issues.

My.flow is a monthly subscription retail service similar to Birchbox that will go for $50. Find out more at trackmyFlow.com.



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