Nintendo 2DS is About to Drop in Price to Just $80

The cheaper, non-3D version of the Nintendo 3DS is getting its second price cut since its 2013 release. Nintendo has confirmed that next week, the Nintendo 2DS will go down to $80 from $100.


As before, the 2DS will come with a free download of Mario Kart 7, making the 2DS a pretty great value buy. The 2DS runs the same games as the 3DS, but lacks 3D functionality — not a bad move on Nintendo’s part, since 3D has proven in both video games and TV to be a gimmick that most people don’t seem willing to pay extra for. The 2DS is a bit of an odd duck because of its slate design, as opposed to the clamshell design of the Nintendo 3DS and its predecessor, the DS. The design makes the 2DS a little less travel friendly, but Nintendo has indicated in the past that the handheld was meant more for kids (not sure why they took that approach, but who knows with Nintendo).

The timing of the price cut isn’t surprising. Nintendo has confirmed that they will release their next home console, codenamed the NX, in March 2017. Rumors are that the NX will have both mobile and home elements, and could end up being a replacement for the 3DS platform. If that’s indeed the case, it behooves Nintendo to start moving units of its current handheld platform as fast as possible.

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