Win a Box Full of Star Wars Swag from ThinkGeek

May the fourth be with you! It’s Star Wars day, and we’re not letting the occasion pass without hooking someone up with some sweet swag from a galaxy far, far away. We’ve partnered up with ThinkGeek for promising a whole box of Star Wars merch from across all the trilogies. Um, well, maybe not so much from the prequel trilogy.

So, what can you expect? We hope the winner’s hungry, because there’s a Death Star Waffle Maker and a matching R2-D2 and C-3PO Ceramic Bowl Set in there. Proving he really can do everything, R2-D2 makes a couple more appearances in the form of an Architectural Desk Lamp and a USB Wall Charger, something we’d bet the real R2-D2 actually does have on board. And, finally, you’ll get the huggable BB-8 Buddy Backpack, because it’s hard to look at anything BB-8 and not want the little guy to be your buddy.

Best of luck, and celebrate responsibly! You know, put the claymore lightsabers away before someone hacks off their thumb, that kind of stuff.

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  1. I’ve loved Star Wars all of my life, but the reason is because of the fantasy. I am all about the future and all that it has to bring, even if it is made up. Who doesn’t love sword battles set in the future? No but I love the lightsabers and what the dark side has to offer.

  2. I love Star Wars, because I grew up with the series. The first Star Wars I saw was Return of the Jedi when the special edition movies were released in 1997. I went back to watch A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, and I fell so in love with the series that I began to read the novels that were being published too. The Thrawn trilogy remains the best set of sci-fi stories I’ve read.

  3. I love Star Wars because it has a fun epic story, as well as aliens, spaceships, and light sabers.

  4. I love Star Wars because it reminds me of my youth! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome stuff!

  5. One of the first movies I saw in the theater. Then with the action figures my entire neighborhood could make our own adventures. I’m seeing the same happen with my kids and their friends.

  6. One of the main reasons that I love Star Wars is that the film is a classic and they’re timeless! The story itself never loses its relevance. No matter what you like or believe in, you’ll find SOMETHING to which you relate in Star Wars (like we all have!)!! The best thing about Star Wars is that it’s not just SciFi (although I love SciFi), there’s action, adventure and even romance! Star Wars has the whole package! When it comes down to it, Star Wars is fantastic. You don’t have to be into Sci-Fi to watch it 🙂

  7. I love it because of the universal appeal of the stories. They’re fun and great for everybody

  8. I like that my husband and I watched it as kids and now we can watch with our own kids.

  9. I love Star Wars because I grew up watching it. My dad was obsessed with Star wars when the series first started. He would watch them over and over. He got me hooked on the series. I love the fantasy, the technology, the battles, and the story. It just pulls you in and lets you escape for a few hours.

  10. My hubby & I grew up watching Star Wars and it’s action packed and we love the characters! Now, our kids love it too!

  11. I love Star Wars because it’s something I can experience in so many ways with my boys. Everything from the movies to the toys to the video games!

  12. I love all the Star Wars movies, they bring back memories of when my family and I went to see them at the movie theater.

  13. ever since I was 7 and saw my very 1st star wars with my aunt I have been hooked thank you for the chance

  14. I never really got into Star Wars, until my grandson & I watched a few movies then I was hooked with him!

  15. I love Star Wars because it’s a great saga, with great characters, epic battles and it’s very fun and entertaining!

  16. my 1st movie memory is of getting the cool plastic soda cups from the drive inn while watching Star Wars…. i was 4.

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