25 Incredibly Geeky Products to Take With You to the Beach This Summer

Summer is here, and the power of the sun compels us to plan fun outings and buy fun gadgets accordingly. Whether you are hitting up the beach, throwing an epic pool party, or just grilling up some BBQ at the park, these 25 geeky yet smart things are sure to amp up your fun in the sun.

Doctor Who Beach Towels

beach gift

People really let the freak flag fly at beaches, so why not let that inner Whovian out? These beach towels feature a Dalek, the 4th Doctor’s Scarf, Van Gogh’s Exploding TARDIS, and of course, the TARDIS herself.

ThinkGeek – $15

Mermaid Fins

Image via Mahina Mermaid

These fins are made from recycled rubber by a professional mermaid. Yep, that’s a thing. They come in adult and kid sizes so the whole family can have fun cosplaying in the pool.

Amazon – $85 (adult size)


beach apparel

SolSol is a solar powered battery charger in the form of a hat. The brim is lined with solar cells, so all you have to do is be in the sun with it. It’s perfect for the beach, where phones seems to die faster than usual.

SolSol – $70



This is not for the faint of heart. It can pop you up to 16 feet in the air and moves up to 23 mph.

Fancy – $5,850

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