72 New Emojis Are on Their Way, Including a Bacon Emoji

Almost a year ago, we took a look at a preview of Unicode 9.0, with 38 candidate emoji shown off for the new release. Well, it’s almost release time, and you’ll be both pleased and unsurprised to learn that the bacon emoji made the cut. I don’t know if it’s going to be the emoji of the year, but it’s probably going to be the most overused emoji of the year.

The list has grown from 38 emoji to 72, but it’s worth taking a look to see if there were any emoji in the preview that didn’t make the cut. We can confirm that every single one did, even the clown face emoji. That also includes the shrug emoji, which is nice, but is not and will never be better than ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Previously unannounced emoji include a rhino, kiwi, peanuts, stuffed flatbread, a spoon, and gold, silver, and bronze medals. I get the feeling the silver medal is going to be heavily used on snarky Twitter. As a nice diversity nod, all human emoji will have different skin tones that can be used, too.

While there are workarounds to get the new emoji now, the patient among us can wait until June 21, when Unicode 9.0 gets its full release. I’m thinking the rolling on the floor laughing emoji is going to get solid play, and I’m looking forward to the online fist bumps using the left- and right-facing fist emoji. I just can’t help but feel like that selfie emoji is just a couple years too late, though.

Via Android Authority

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