The Amazon Kindle and Paperwhite Get Upgraded, Are Now Available in White

Amazon opened up their eighth generation of e-readers in April with the release of the very expensive Oasis, but it looks like they haven’t completely neglected their cheaper models. Both the Kindle and the Paperwhite will get new models in the coming weeks, and while they’re not that much different from last year, they’re worth considering for first-time buyers and those looking to replace a much older model.

The biggest difference is probably in color options — both the basic Kindle and the front-lit Paperwhite will both be available in an ivory white model. Past that, not much has changed. The Kindle and Paperwhite are both now thinner and lighter, with more rounded edges. The Kindle still has the lower-res 167 ppi touchscreen, while the Paperwhite has the sharper 300 ppi touchscreen with lighting. Both will now have 4 GB of storage on the device.

One welcome new feature to both updated Kindles is Bluetooth connectivity. This has been added specifically those with blindness — using Amazon’s VoiceView feature, eBooks can be read aloud over a Bluetooth speaker like an audiobook, which is great for books that haven’t gotten the audiobook treatment. The Paperwhite can also be purchased in an accessibility bundle that includes an audio adapter for the micro USB port.

The new Amazon Kindle will be available on July 7, starting at $80 for the ad-supported Wi-Fi-only model. The new Paperwhite will be available on June 30 starting at $120.

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