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Boldly Go to the Beach in These Star Trek Trekini Swimsuits

If we’re looking for the best geeky swimsuits to wear this summer, it’d be illogical not to include these. ThinkGeek has just gotten in a whole line of Trekini Swimwear, which funny enough doesn’t actually include any bikinis. Fine by us — get a Starfleet insignia on there, and we don’t care too much about the form.

The Trekini Swimwear line has a little something for everyone. The whole line is based on Star Trek: The Next Generation, starting off with one-pieces patterned after the Starfleet uniforms and their sweet two-tone color on black look. Looks like you can choose from command, engineering, and medical — choose according to your skills as a lifeguard. Worth noting, again, that these are based on The Next Generation — wearing the red one is perfectly safe.


Deanna Troi’s long-sleeved purple top has been turned into a swim shirt for the more sunburn-conscious (another logical choice). The cover-up romper is perhaps a more original invention, but it’s got the insignia, so we’ll rubber stamp it. Looks handy for avoiding the chills after climbing out of the pool.


Everything in the Trekini Swimwear line is available on ThinkGeek now. The one-pieces go for $60, while the Deanna Troi long-sleeved swim shirt is $50. The cover-up romper is $40.

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