GoBone is a Motorized Bone That Keeps Your Pup Active When You’re Away

PulsePet takes a pragmatic approach to pet ownership — they know we love our pets, but they know some of us put in long hours and can’t give dogs the amount of attention they need. Well, some dogs can never get enough attention, but you know what we mean. The fledgling company has created GoBone, a motorized, bone-shaped toy that can keep your dog active while you’re away.

Instead of just laying around the house and/or wrecking furniture while you’re at work, dogs can pass the time with GoBone. The toy is a set of wheels on an axle, made to look a little like a bone. According to PulsePet, it’s chew-safe and made of FDA food-grade materials, so it sounds like dogs can play as rough as they want with GoBone and still be safe. GoBone itself might not be safe from the punishment your dog can dish out, but PulsePet has made the GoBone modular, so you can just buy a single replacement part for whatever your dog has chewed into oblivion.

GoBone modular design

The idea is that you turn it on, leave, and your dog chases after this automated, constantly moving bone. But, we can do better than that. PulsePet has actually managed to create different settings — speed, turn radius, and the like — that change according to the breed and age of your dog. GoBone will zip around for younger pups and go at an easier pace for older dogs who still need to get up and get moving. And, while GoBone can just be something that entertains your dog while you can’t, you can also use the companion app to take control, remotely or when you’re in the same room.

GoBone back

There’s one mode that’s been making some noise in animal shelters, too. PulsePet has created what they call a bonding mode for shy or reclusive dogs who might have been abused in the past, or who just haven’t developed playful personalities. GoBone will ease those dogs into playtime, and there are a few people working at animal shelters who are willing to go to bat for PulsePet’s new toy. Testimonials on the Kickstarter campaign suggest that GoBone has done wonders for those dogs, which in turn makes them much more likely to be adopted.

If there’s any downside, it’s that GoBone is another device you’ll have to charge daily — the battery life is eight hours, and if you’re letting your dog play with it off and on while you’re at work, it’ll probably be close enough to dead by the end of the day to need a charge.

PulsePet is looking for crowdfunding cash on Kickstarter for GoBone, but because this is doggie tech, they’ve already reached their $60,000 goal. You’ve still got a few weeks to join in, though — if you want to preorder GoBone, you’ll need to contribute $150, with shipping slated for this December. Your holiday gift to your dog is sorted this year.

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