Starbucks is Going to Serve Nitro Cold Brew This Summer

If you thought you were pretty hip and with it sipping on your nitro cold brew coffee, I hope you enjoyed the ride. Starbucks is taking the latest coffee trend mainstream this summer, as hipsters everywhere lament the success of yet another good thing.

If you, like me, were not cool enough to know what nitro cold brew was before today, let’s discover it together. Put pretty simply, it’s coffee on tap. It’s been around for a good few years, but really started picking up steam last summer. Cold brew coffee (coffee brewed with cold or lukewarm water) is infused with nitrogen and then sent through the draft system and out the tap, like a pint of beer. Nitro cold brew has been said to have a similar consistency to Guinness, although I sadly am yet to have independently verified this. The word mouthfeel has been used in descriptions, though, which makes me think the comparison is likely apt.

Now that we’re up to date, be bummed, because you’ll never get to drink it and be cool at the same time. Starbucks is rolling out the kegs this summer, starting with 500 locations across the United States (it’s already at their high-end roastery in Seattle). They’re also starting up the sugarification of cold brew, with a new vanilla sweet cream cold brew coming this summer.

Cold coffee in general is on the rise in a big way, so there was never any chance that nitro cold brew coffee was going to stay a secret forever. I’m glad Starbucks is letting us in on it, though — creamy cold coffee without the addition of ice or milk diluting the taste sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

Via USA Today

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