T-Mobile Is Giving Away Free Unlimited 4G LTE Data Across Europe This Summer

Earlier this month, T-Mobile gave travelers to the United States a pretty sweet deal in the form of a new Tourist Plan. Today, they’re hooking up those of us in the United States by announcing that travelers to Europe will get free and unlimited high speed data for all of July and August.

T-Mobile has made their name on deals like these in the last few years, and considering the growth they’ve seen in their subscriber numbers, it’s been working. What works for them works pretty well for us, too — there’s nothing T-Mobile customers have to do to get in on this deal besides getting on a plane and going to Europe. While they roam the continent, high-speed data will be both unlimited and free. High-speed does mean 4G LTE — T-Mobile is basically saying wherever you go, you should be able to get the highest speeds available in that area. There is one exception, though — the deal isn’t available in Andorra, so take note if your vacation is taking you into the Pyrenees.

To ring in the summer travel season, T-Mobile is also giving everyone a free hour of in-flight Wi-Fi this coming weekend, and by everyone, they mean everyone — T-Mobile customers or otherwise. That deal will only be available on domestic flights on airlines that use Gogo In-Flight Wi-Fi. T-Mobile gives that free hour to their customers anyway, so this weekend is just for giving everyone else a taste of the perks of being a T-Mobile subscriber.

T-Mobile also announced that Belize is now part of Simple Global. With Simple Global, customers get unlimited data (not high-speed) and texting, along with lower international calling rates while traveling in partner countries. With the addition of Belize, all 20 continental South and Central American countries are now part of Simple Global (I think they’re counting French Guiana, a territory of France, to make it 20).

The only notable fine print stuff is that tethering isn’t allowed and that the Simple Global perks only hold when you’re calling to and from one of the qualifying countries. That’s expected stuff, especially the bit about tethering — T-Mobile is pretty generous with the perks, but even they have their limits. The free unlimited high-speed data in Europe starts on July 1 and continues through August 31. Sounds like a good deal all around!

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