T-Mobile Just Introduced an Awesome $30 Plan for Tourists

T-Mobile has long done right by United States citizens heading abroad, but this week they’re looking after our international friends planning to come over for a visit. The T-Mobile Tourist Plan is a straightforward, no frills way to get service in the United States for up to three weeks.

Travelers planning trips to the United States can head to a T-Mobile store and ask about the T-Mobile Tourist Plan, which goes for a flat $30. That $30 covers unlimited texting, unlimited data (2 GB of 4G LTE data), and 1,000 minutes. There are some caveats, though. The 1,000 minutes can only be used for domestic calls, so travelers will still need to look elsewhere if they want to call friends or family back home. Domestic roaming is allowed, but only up to 200 MB. New features like Binge On and Music Unlimited won’t be included on the plan, but tethering is allowed.

To get in on the T-Mobile Tourist Plan, travelers will need to bring their own unlocked GSM device. They’ll get a SIM card and a U.S. number to use for three weeks, after which the plan and the number will automatically expire. It sure sounds like T-Mobile wants to keep things simple for themselves, too — the plan expires after three weeks no matter what, and there’s no option to renew or add more 4G LTE data or minutes.

Despite the restrictions, the plan sounds like a pretty good deal for travelers, especially if they’re staying for the whole three weeks. At the very least, it’s simple and straightforward, which is pretty much number one on my list of priorities when getting phone service while traveling. T-Mobile will start offering the Tourist Plan on June 12 in their stores — because it’s necessary to physically bring in the phone and get a SIM card to activate the plan, it won’t be possible to sign up for it ahead of time online.

Via Phandroid

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