23 Beautiful Steampunk Decor Ideas

Can’t get enough of Steampunk? Neither can we. Steampunk decor is like cosplay for your house, so we scoured the internet and selected the very best Steampunk decor ideas money can buy. We may never get our steam-powered, clockwork future with zeppelin-dominated skies, but that won’t stop us from turning our houses into miniature versions of the neo-Victorian era that should have been.

Start with the Walls


At Spoonflower you can pick from one of dozens of steampunk wallpapers to fit your room decor perfectly. Wallpaper on just one wall is a great way to set the tone for the room without it being overwhelming. You can also get fabric at this site for all kinds of home decor DIY projects.

Art Print For Wall Decor


Is there anything more indicative of Steampunk than old-timey mustachioed men sitting in a newfangled boat/balloon contraption overlaying a work of fiction? I think not.

TopLondonPrints/Etsy – $10.20

Giant Propeller Mounted on a Brick Wall


Most interior decorators will tell you to find one statement piece for the room that really appeals to you and is the focal point of the room. Here you go.

Timberson/Etsy – $785

High Wheel Bicycle Clock


Sigh. If only this clock came in penny-farthing size, we’d be all set. It’s still got the aesthetic down, though.

DreamGreatDreams/Etsy – $175

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