Lego Debuting BrickHeadz, a New Line of Buildable Figures, at San Diego Comic-Con

We love our minifigs, but it seems like Lego is also stepping up efforts when it comes to more complex characters. We’ve recently seen buildable figures — Lego sets with pieces to build a character instead of a playset — for the new Ghostbusters movie and upcoming sets for Adventure Time, and now it looks like Lego is starting up a whole line of buildable figures called BrickHeadz. Call it an answer to Funko’s figurines if you must, but we can’t wait for these to start ending up on our shelves.

BrickHeadz will make their debut at Comic-Con, which should tell you a lot about what the first sets are going to be. Lego is leading off with DC and Marvel BrickHeadz, unveiling four figures from each that will be sold exclusively at Comic-Con. They’ll be sold in packs of two, with a different pack being sold each day. Classic Batman and Joker are first up on July 21, followed by Black Panther and Doctor Strange, because Lego has to do their part to hype up the future Marvel movies. July 23 will see a Superman/Wonder Woman pairing, and Lego will end things with Civil War rivals Captain America and Iron Man on July 24.

There are plenty of unique elements in these sets, mostly for superhero logos and accessories. But, aside from those necessities, part of the charm of BrickHeadz is that they’re put together from regular Lego bricks you’d find in any other set. In fact, those unique superhero elements are probably there so you can’t just build these at home with your stash (if you haven’t done so already).

Because this is Comic-Con, acquiring any of the four $40 sets will involve getting up very early in the morning and fervent finger crossing. If you’re headed to Comic-Con, you’ll have to go to the Pavilion Terrace each day around 7:00 AM to enter a drawing to win not the sets themselves, but a voucher that entitles you to purchase that day’s set (a voucher that must be used on that day). Never has it been so difficult to give someone $40 (or $160, if you’re crazy lucky).

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