Monster’s Shiny Over-Ear Bluetooth Elements Headphones Are Finally Here

Last week, we heard news that Monster was coming out with three Ghostbusters-themed headphones for the new movie hitting theaters this Friday. One of those headphones was an alternate design for their Monster Elements over-ear headphones — only thing was, the Elements themselves weren’t even for sale yet. That changes today, as you can finally get the new headphones directly from Monster.

The Monster Elements are Monster’s premium headphones, combining Bluetooth connectivity with the best audio quality they have to offer. In addition to wireless (Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX technology) and wired listening, Monster is also including a wired Micro USB adapter that connects an external DAC to the headphones — this is for “future devices that may have only digital outputs,” which sounds an awful lot like a reference to the iPhone 7, which is rumored to not have a 3.5 mm audio port. There are also two custom tuning options you can switch between — the more balanced neutral and the more bass-heavy club setting.

In terms of construction, we’re looking at memory foam cushions on the inside of the earcups, along with a glossy, metallic finish on the outside. The earcups can fold up for travel or swivel, so they’ll be useful for DJs as well. There’s also a microphone on the headphones themselves for taking calls, and Monster has added Active Echo Suppression technology to maintain clarity. They’re also using what they call VoiceThrough technology, which should be a handy addition — when you take a call, you can hear your own voice naturally, instead of muffled because you’ve got your headphones on. Should help make sure you’re not that person talking way too loudly when taking a call. According to Monster, we should expect 24 hours of battery life on one charge for wireless listening, which is pretty impressive.

The Monster Elements over-ear headphones are available now in rose gold and black slate for $400. Monster is also planning a black platinum colorway, along with on-ear and in-ear versions of the Elements that should be coming later this year or early next year.

UPDATE 07/13/16: Monster has informed us that the price of the Elements over-ear headphones is $400, not $350, as was previously stated. They’ve also provided us with more information about their wired DAC connector. The changes have been made in the copy.