Supernatural is Coming Back for a 12th Season, and Could Come Back for a Lot More

How long has Supernatural been on the air? Put it this way — the show debuted on the WB, before it became the CW. 12 seasons is an unusually long time for a television drama to run, but by drawing on pretty much every kind of paranormal creature story you can think of, Supernatural has managed to keep being entertaining and fresh, despite running for far longer than original showrunner and still-executive producer Eric Kripke ever imagined. But, now that we’re here, Kripke is no less excited about his creation — and neither is the cast, from the sounds of it.

Collider talked to Kripke at the Saturn Awards and managed to get his thoughts on the show, the upcoming 12th season, and the future. You can check out the video of their interview in full for the whole scoop, plus more information about his new show, Timeless, but suffice it to say he’s bullish on Supernatural‘s prospects. At one point, Kripke says, “As long as everyone’s having fun and Jared and Jensen’s having fun they’ll keep doing it,” referencing the show’s stars, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Credit to those guys, too — it’s not easy to play a role for over a decade. Smallville went on for 10 years, and it sounded like that took its toll on Tom Welling.

It’ll be interesting to see where the show goes when it returns on October 13. Last season raised the stakes quite a bit with the whole Darkness arc, and when you make things that dire, it’s tough to build on that. The again, like Kripke suggests, there’s no shortage of supernatural stories the show can use for inspiration — here’s hoping no mythology is safe from our favorite pool hustlers!

Via Collider

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