Torus Water Bowl for Pets Refills Itself

This is where it’d be easy to sneer at the silliness of investing this much time and money into a pet bowl, but we can’t help but admit that the Torus Water Bowl is a pretty clever product — and one that really could keep pets healthy. Instead of all of the water being in the bowl itself, most of the water is stored in a ring around the bowl. That’s great news for our four-legged friends.

The Torus Bowl has a two-liter reservoir in that ring around the edge of the bowl, with a spout dispensing water into the bowl. There’s a little filter in the dispenser that keeps water clean, but the biggest benefit of the Torus Bowl is that the water should already be a lot cleaner than in other dog bowls, anyway. If pets don’t drink all the water in the bowl at once (which they shouldn’t), a lot of water will sit there stagnant, attracting dirt, dust, and possibly bacteria that could make your pet sick. By keeping the water covered in that reservoir, your pet should only have access to clean, safe water.


When Torus dispenses water, it only allows enough in to let your pet drink comfortably, instead of letting it fill up to the top, leaving a lot of stagnant water. There are a lot of watering bowls and devices out there that will do the same, but Torus does it without batteries or power, which means one less thing for you to worry about charging and/or breaking down. Torus also has rubberized feet for stability, which means it’ll be that much harder for pets to spill water from the bowl by moving it around.

The Torus Water Bowl is available in both one-liter and two-liter capacities, both of which come with a one-year warranty. Also, keep in mind that it’s suggested to replace the filters in the bowl once a month. Both sizes can be purchased directly from Heyrex for $55 and $60, respectively, in a variety of colors.

First impressions

We tried the Torus Bowl out with two pups and both dogs are loving it. In particular, one of the dogs is very skittish around water bowls, and is also is very particular about her drinking water always having to be fresh. The Torus Bowl has  proven to be the best solution for this picky pet.

Between the built-in convenience of the auto refill, the filtering, and its ease of use, all in all, the premium you pay for the Torus Bowl over a typical “dumb” bowl is absolutely worth it. We highly recommend the Torus Bowl for all dog and cat owners.