JetComfy is the Cleverest Airplane Pillow Thanks to An Extendable Arm

So, we’re a little late to the game on this one, but when it comes to getting sleep on an airplane, definitely better late than never. JetComfy launched a successful Kickstarter last August, and has since shipped out to backers, become available to the rest of us, and gotten the infomercial treatment. Normally, we’d think twice about anything that gets the ‘but wait, there’s more!’ treatment, but these are no normal circumstances.

Long flights for those who can’t sleep on airplanes are, to put it mildly, unpleasant. JetComfy promises to at least try to solve that problem. It’s a new kind of in-flight pillow that blows away the U-shaped pillows many find lacking. This one is a brick-shaped, 2″ thick memory foam pillow stuck on top of a stand that gets strapped to the armrest. That last part is going to get some looks from your seat neighbor and the flight attendants, since the clamp is big enough to prevent your neighbor from using the armrest. But, that might be par for the course in the Hobbesian battleground of economy class.


The stand is just a small pole, but will stay in place once you’ve locked it. The pillow itself can then be swiveled, tilted, raised, lowered, or moved into optimal neck craning position. It provides more support from your head and neck than you’ll ever get from one of those U-shaped pillows, so hopefully you’ll never snap awake when your head drops like what would happen with lesser pillows.


But wait, there’s more (sorry)! JetComfy can also hold two 3,000 mAh battery packs inside the casing, to help keep smartphones and tablets charged up during the flight. There’s also a combination pen/stylus/pointer/flashlight, which seems like it’s pretty much the ultimate in-flight multitool.

But, our favorite thing about JetComfy is that with the blue pillow cover on the airplane grey plastic (yes, that’s a shade), it actually looks like something you might find on your seat when you first board. We can’t help but appreciate that kind of attention to detail.


Now for the bad news. The all-purpose pillow sounds cool, but you have to make two purchases. The basic pillow only includes the pillow, the stand, and a combination pen/stylus, which goes for $50. You’ll need to buy the upgrade kit to get the two battery packs and the four-in-one pen/stylus/pointer/flashlight, although if you’ve already got two generic cylindrical battery packs, it looks like they might fit into the slots in the pillow casing. If you’re in need of more battery packs, though, that upgrade kit also includes another grey pillow cover and sells for $25.

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