Kate Spade is Coming Out With Some Adorable Fitness Trackers

Kate Spade has been one of a handful of tech-friendly designers that have helped make smartphone accessories and wearables a lot more attractive than they used to be. Fresh off her partnership with Motorola that produced a battery case for the Moto Z, she’s now got a handful of wearables that will hit stores between September and November — just in time for stockings in need of stuffing.

According to a report from Shape, the collection will include a bangle, a wristband, and two as-yet unseen smartwatches. The bangle is gold-colored with mother of pearl details at the ends and “seize the day” inscribed on the inside. The silicone band is your standard black strap, but adorned with the Kate Spade logo and a pair of gold kitty ears. Neither have displays, so we expect them to simply count steps and distance traveled — the report says they’ll work with both Android and iOS devices. Hopefully they’ll sync up nicely with the whole gamut of fitness apps, too.


Less is known about the smartwatches, but they could bear some resemblance to Fossil’s latest Q wearables. Kate Spade was one of several designers to sign a licensing agreement with Fossil, and earlier this year it was reported that Fossil had Kate Spade wearables planned for this year. We’re not sure if Fossil is responsible for the bangle and wristband along with the smartwatches, but we think it’s likely.

Fitness trackers have been looking good lately. Tory Burch really laid the groundwork for designer fitness trackers with her Fitbit partnership, which gave us a lot of beautiful trackers and accessories. Misfit also made fashion their first priority with the Shine, with some equally impressive results. There are loads of other designer wearables out there, too — some are hits and some are misses, but it’s safe to say that fashion and tech have finally come together in the world of wearables.

Via Shape

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