Microsoft Releases NFL Team Type Covers for the Surface Pro

The NFL season is about to get underway (does it ever really end?), and this year, Microsoft has a little something for football fans and Surface Pro owners. They’ve made Surface Pro Type Covers for all 32 NFL teams, avoiding the temptation to just make a Seahawks cover and call it a day.

Microsoft Stores both physical and online are now carrying the new Type Covers. The design might be divisive — they used a cutoff style that shaves off a bit of the team logo on the back of the cover. It looks cleaner than it sounds, but it probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (some team logos are better suited for the style, too — sorry Jets fans). Still, if you look at collecting team merchandise the same way you do collecting Pokémon, you know what you have to do.

Funny enough, we’re only half joking about the Seahawks thing. To hear Microsoft tell it in their blog post, someone on the Surface team made a model of a Seahawks Type Cover, which made its way to Paul Allen, owner of the Seattle Seahawks and co-founder of Microsoft. He tweeted a picture of it and people got excited, prompting Microsoft to make the Type Covers for all teams. Cute story, anyway — something tells me that Microsoft didn’t need a tweet to tell them that NFL-themed Type Covers would be a gold mine.


There’s also Microsoft’s running partnership with the NFL, which has seen the Surface become the exclusive sideline tablet for all teams. Microsoft’s paying a hefty $400 million for that (occasionally ill-fated) five-year branding deal; might as well cash in on those co-branding opportunities while you can!

The NFL Type Covers don’t come cheap. You can find them online or in Microsoft Stores for $160. They’re compatible with the Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Pro 4 and use the basic Type Cover, which doesn’t have the fingerprint scanner found on one of the newer models.

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