AirScale Is a Luggage Scale That Keeps Your Smartphone Charged

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single device must be in want of another device’s features. Oaxis, recognizing the usefulness of the simple hand luggage scale, figured that it would be even more useful with a little something extra. They’ve tacked on a pretty hefty external battery pack to their AirScale, allowing travelers to know exactly how much they’re lugging around while keeping their smartphones charged.

The AirScale works like most other hand luggage scales — a detachable strap can be hooked up to a piece of luggage. Lift up the luggage using the scale, and you’ll get a readout of how much it weighs. They’re invaluable tools for travelers who want to make sure all those souvenirs don’t carry the extra cost of weight limit fees at the airport. The AirScale is a little more aesthetically pleasing than most hand luggage scales (not that they need to be), thanks to a glossy black exterior that makes the display blend in when it’s not on.

But, these kinds of scales are cheap and easy to find. Less easy to find is one that also has an external battery pack. The AirScale has a 6,500 mAh battery with 2.4A output, making it useful for charging smartphones and tablets alike. The 6,500 mAh capacity is enough to charge the vast majority of phones out there at least twice over, and will still give well over a full charge to the smartphones with the largest batteries. It’s not the only combo luggage scale/external battery pack out there, but it’s probably the one with the largest capacity.


The AirScale is available from Oaxis now for $60, and comes only in black.

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