YouTuber Claims to Snag a Working iPhone 7 Plus Mockup, May Confirm Several Rumors

We’re going to be clear about it from the top — the people behind the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel did not actually get an iPhone 7. Their video making the rounds this week features a working mockup (the next evolutionary step from mockup photo rumors) sourced from a Chinese company called Besound. So, while the guy in the video has a working phone in front of him, it’s not an actual iPhone 7 Plus, nor is it a prototype. I wouldn’t give these rumors any more or less credence than your average mockup drawing.

All that said, let’s dig in anyway.

The four-minute video checks out the ins and outs of the mockup, and the most striking detail is the color. The powers that be must have decided that blue is in — the Galaxy Note 7 is getting a gorgeous coral blue color, and now we have this iPhone 7 Plus mockup in an equally pleasant light blue. Past that, it serves as a confirmation of the many rumors we’ve been hearing about the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus this year — specifically, a dual-camera system on the back and no 3.5 mm headphone port.

There are some other interesting tidbits here, too. If you don’t like the camera bump, bad news — it’s even more pronounced on this mockup. You’ll also see no antenna lines on the back, although they haven’t disappeared. Instead, they run along the top of the phone. There are also three docking contact points on the back, which remind us of the Moto Z (another phone that ditched the 3.5 mm port). Like with the Moto Z, that could imply modular accessories are in the works for the iPhone 7, with Apple finally adopting wireless charging being one working theory. There are also two speaker grilles on the bottom of the phone, with the second replacing the 3.5 mm port.

Again, it’s a mockup, so it could all be nonsense. But, as the years have gone by, Apple rumors have tended to be true more often than not, especially in the months leading up to September. This mockup probably doesn’t get it exactly right, but our guess is that it gets most of the details right. We’re least sure about the blue color, which is also the thing we most want to be true.

Via High Snobiety

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