This Steamboat Willie Lego Set Hopeful is a Real Dreamboat

This ship needs to pull into port, pronto! Mickey Mouse made it big in Steamboat Willie, but the early Disney classic hasn’t gotten enough love in recent years. Lego Ideas user szabomate90 wants to change that.


Their proposed Steamboat Willie set is a small 156-piece replica of the ship from the movie. True to the 1928 film, the set is completely in black and white, with a classy stand that the ship rests on. The crane at the end of the ship can be moved, and it looks like you can spin the two water wheels on the side. We’re loving the black smoke cloud element, too — if this set ever becomes real, Lego will probably redesign it, but it could end up being an awesome unique element for collectors. Best of all, szabomate90 lovingly recreated 1928 Mickey in minifig form, and the ship is just big enough to accommodate him.


The set still has a ways to go before it can be made, but it’s looking promising. The submission was made to Lego Ideas, a site Lego has set aside for Lego fans to suggest their dream sets. Lego uses the site to gauge whether or not there’s enough consumer interest in a set to actually put it into production, and so far, things are looking good for Steamboat Willie. It’s gotten 3,306 supporters out of the 10,000 it needs to get Lego’s full attention, with a generous 467 more days to get there. Even then, Disney will have to approve, but given Disney’s suddenly increased interest in working with Lego (a minifig collection and a stunning model of Cinderella’s castle so far this year), we think there’s enough room for cautious optimism on board this ship!

Also, retro Minnie minifigure too, please. And maybe more room on the ship so she can fit? Don’t want to ask too much!

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