Beats Gets Back on the Air in a New Ad Featuring Pinocchio

Beats has been much quieter since getting acquired by Apple in 2014, but that changed during the iPhone 7 announcement, when Apple announced three new Beats products — updated Solo on-ears and Powerbeats in-ears, plus the new lightweight Beats X in-ears. All three are wireless and use Apple’s new W1 chip, which helps sync the headphones with multiple Apple devices seamlessly. So, unless they’re charging, there are no strings on these headphones. You’ll never guess which Pinocchio song their new ad uses.

With Apple and Beats joining forces, trend synergy was always a given. The new spot features “I’ve Got No Strings” from Pinocchio, along with a procession of celebrities wearing one of the three new headphones. Steve Buscemi and Michael Phelps rock the Solo3 headphones, Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose are trying out the Beats X, and I’m sure the Powerbeats got representation but it’s kind of hard to tell with all the hair and the dancing. Anyway, point is, no strings! We still think it sucks that there’s no headphone jack on the iPhone 7, but yay wireless!

Like before, the Solo3 will be the more lifestyle-oriented headphones, but they’re promising a pretty spectacular 40 hours of battery life. The in-ear Powerbeats3 still have ear hooks and are better suited for the gym, while the in-ear Beats X seem like a little of both, and are the most discreet of the three. The housings on the earbuds are very small, and from the ad, it looks like the ends are magnetic, so they can be stuck together when not worn. Relatively short battery life on the Powerbeats3 will be mitigated by Fast Fuel charging, which Beats says should guarantee one hour of playtime with five minutes of charging.

The Beats Solo3 Wireless are already available on the Apple Store for $300 in one of six colors. The Powerbeats3 Wireless and Beats X will be available sometime in the fall for $200 and $150, respectively.

Via Hypebeast