Funko Debuts Golden Girls Action Figures at New York Comic Con

The 2016 Golden Girls renaissance continues. Funko must have been inundated with demand for the four Golden Girls Pop! Figurines they released earlier this year, because at New York Comic Con this week, they released yet another set of figures. This time, Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia are getting the action figure treatment, with poseable limbs.

The figures are part of Funko’s ReAction Figures line. ReAction Figures are 3 and ¾″ poseable action figures, ideal for the four real ladies of action. Blanche and Dorothy get the same attire used on their Pop! figurines, Blanche with her classic red getup and Dorothy going all business. Rose is now donning a pink dress, while Sophia gets a blue outfit and is the only true action figure in the set, coming with her own weapon accessory (her purse).

The Golden Girls ReAction Figures debuted and are being sold at New York Comic Con, but it appears they will be available from Target for $25 as an online exclusive at some point (probably after Comic Con ends). Thing is, we doubt they’ll be available for long, and it’s supposedly a limited edition set. Better get your refresh fingers ready, but with the interest these things are going to get, we wouldn’t worry too much – it looks like the Golden Girls are entering a golden age that isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Via Scary Mommy

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