Watch This Lego Bot Automate Halloween

Not about to be bothered by all those trick-or-treaters on Halloween? Someone’s come up with a win-win solution — the CandyBot. Made from Lego bricks and a Lego Mindstorms robotics set, the CandyBot can dish out candy all by itself.

Andy Milluzzi is a big Lego fan and the mastermind behind CandyBot. Using parts from a couple of Lego Technic sets (a mining excavator and a Mercedes-Benz construction truck), Milluzzi built a contraption that can scoop candy out of a bucket, then send it down a conveyor belt and down a chute for pickup. The bucket wheel from the mining set has been put on a rotor, which turns to scoop out the candy. The Lego Mindstorms EV3 set gets the wheel moving, along with the conveyor belt that collects and carries the candy to the pickup chute. Oh, and there are a couple of disembodied-looking arms on both sides, because this is Halloween, after all. The bot even has red teeth and mean-looking eyes on the Mindstorms module’s screen. He’ll give those kids candy, but he’s still got a reputation to keep.

Best part? CandyBot is genuinely autonomous, so Milluzzi really could set up CandyBot and let him do his thing. Once CandyBot is turned on, he fills up the chute until it gets full enough to trigger a light sensor. The chute stays closed until a trick-or-treater gets close enough to trigger an infrared motion detector, which will cause the chute door to open. Granted, the bucket is open and accessible, so Milluzzi will either need to create some Lego Mindstorms security measures or suffer the slings and arrows of Halloween tricksters.

Either way, Milluzzi wins. CandyBot is going to make his place the cool Halloween destination for the kids of the neighborhood, and being cool keeps the eggs and toilet paper away. Oh, and this isn’t the only rad thing Milluzzi has made. He has his own website full of creations, Lego or otherwise, including some cool Minecraft-inspired projects.