The Jaguar E-Type Roadster Might Be the Next LEGO Car to Roll Off the Lot

Lego is becoming better and better and making top-notch car replicas. They did great work with the Caterham 620R and the Volkswagen Beetle, along with a cool and highly detailed Technic replica of an orange Porsche 911. So, what’s next? We don’t know, but it sure looks like this Lego Ideas submission for a Jaguar E-Type Roadster has wheels.

Lego Ideas user Ozzyeatingbats submitted the idea late last month, and has already gotten almost 4,200 of the 10,000 supporters needed to get Lego to work on producing an official set. Usually, Lego refines the design when officially producing sets, but it looks like they might not need to do much work with this one — the exterior of this E-Type Roadster looks pretty clean already. The rear of the car isn’t quite as curved and sweeping as the real thing, and the recessed headlights might need a little work, but otherwise, it nails the style of the classic ’60s Jaguar.

Inside the model, there’s an in-line six-cylinder engine, a trunk that opens, and, in a bid to get all the little details right, “terrible suspension.” The set, as it is now, contains 1,664 pieces, so it should make for a good afternoon of Lego fun and a solid showpiece in the end. But, the model isn’t completely without controversy — despite Jaguar’s British heritage, the steering wheel has been placed on the left side!

The submission still has about 570 days to hit 10,000 supporters, so we’re pretty optimistic about this one at least getting that far. Lego’s been pretty good about putting successful submissions into production, so chances seem good that this Jaguar will be racing onto shelves soon enough.

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