The PlayStation VR Headset Can Be Used as a Display with the Xbox One and Wii U

Don’t get too excited, though. As you might expect of an unintended feature, the results aren’t pretty, but some curious users have found that it is possible to use the recently released PlayStation VR headset with other video game consoles, including the Xbox One and the Wii U. It’s limited to being a really bad up-close display, but the fact that it even works at all is a little surprising.

The news doesn’t mean much, since using the headset with other consoles means no head tracking and no VR games. Instead, when connected to the console just using an HDMI cable, the headset becomes a display like any other, only one really close to your head. Considering each of the two displays used in the PS VR headset are 960 x 1080 resolution, that means games played will just look a lot grainier and lower-quality, and might manage to make you even more nauseated than actual VR games.

What we’re saying is, it’d be possible to use the PS VR with an Xbox One, but you’re probably not going to have a good time. It is a little interesting that it’s possible to use the VR headset as a regular display — we figured Sony would have some sort of system in place for PS VR headsets to only recognize PlayStation hardware or software — but then again, Sony might have figured that no one would bother testing this hypothesis out. As always, never underestimate the power of curiosity.

Via EGM Now

Source: Polygon

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