Sonos Releasing a White Model of Their SUB Subwoofer Later This Month

After sticking with only all-black speakers and subwoofers for a while, Sonos started offering their home audio products in white not too long ago. But, it hasn’t been an even rollout — they’ve had the Play:1, Play:3, and Play:5 speakers in white for a while now, but not the SUB, their standalone subwoofer. That changes later this month, when the white Sonos SUB starts shipping out.

The SUB adds heavier bass response to existing Sonos speaker systems. Like the other Sonos speakers, their soundbar, and their amp, SUB connects to the rest of the system over Wi-Fi, and can be managed from the Sonos app (or, soon, the Spotify app). The SUB unit is pretty big, and uses two force-cancelling drivers that can really shake a room when they’re turned all the way up. Then again, it’d better — this subwoofer doesn’t come cheap.Capture

The new white model has contrasting black accents in the middle, similar to the grey speaker mesh on the Play:1 and Play:3 and the darker speaker mesh on the Play:5. They don’t seem to all match up with each other as well as the black speakers and subwoofers do, but then again, the subwoofer can always be hidden away somewhere without losing its effectiveness.

The Sonos SUB is still available for $700. The new white model can be preordered now on the Sonos website, with shipping scheduled for October 25.


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